Our 2017 performance

Safety remains our highest priority.

Our safety performance for the year was characterised by starkly contrasting outcomes between the first and second halves of the year. Our resolve to operate workplaces free of injury and harm has been strengthened, and we remain convinced that our approach to address fatal risk through critical control management, is the correct path to take.

  • Operational fatalities
    7 2016: 7
  • Fatal injury frequency rate
    0.06 2016: 0.06
  • All injury frequency rate
    7.49 2016: 7.71
  • Injury severity rate
    314 2016: 313

Our strategy is based on a strong foundation built on safe production, and on attracting and retaining the right people.

Our remuneration policy is robust and we aim to align it with our strategic objectives. This is accomplished by means of a governance and application framework that primarily aims to attract, retain and motivate a skilled workforce through fair, responsible, transparent and competitive remuneration. The proposal to enhance our incentive structure was presented to and received 97% shareholder approval at the 2017 AGM. We will now be implementing a revised incentive scheme: the Deferred Share Plan, which replaces the short- and long-term incentive schemes, as we continue to improve how we remunerate and incentivise our employees to better deliver on our strategy, while ensuring they receive a fair return for their efforts.

Number of employees
Expenditure on training and development

We contributed $24.05m to community investment projects

By focusing on the needs and challenges of the host communities where we operate, AngloGold Ashanti can create opportunities for shared value throughout the life cycle of our mines.

Community investment Safety by region 2017
Group annual community investment ($m)

Responsible environmental stewardship is a critical aspect of acquiring and maintaining our social licence to operate.

In pursing this outcome, we constantly seek to use our share of natural resources efficiently and conscientiously. We set 2030 environment aspirational goals aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We continue to address our environmental impacts and reportable incidents, and we have strengthened our focus on the optimal use of natural resources.

Number of reportable environmental incidents
Water use intensity

Sustainable development achievements from our operations around the world.

Argentina Colombia DRC Tanzania Ghana Guinea Mali South Africa Brazil Australia

Leadership messages

Leaders set the company direction and tone within the organisation. This is a powerful shaper of our sustainability maturity.


The AngloGold Ashanti Sustainable Development portfolio comprises the safety, health, environment, community and government affairs, and security and human rights disciplines.

Case studies

Our sustainable development challenge is framed by the material issues facing the company. Our reporting reflects these issues as they are highlighted by the business and our stakeholders.

Compliance and assurance

This report complies with the G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). These guidelines are the benchmark for sustainability reporting globally. We report at a core level against the guidelines, which means we conduct a robust materiality assessment and focus our reporting on these aspects.