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Strategic response and delivery

Increased inflationary pressure placed upward pressure on costs for the business and society at large, creating the potential for economic, social, and subsequent political disruptions, including in those jurisdictions in which we operate.

Investors continued to
increase their call for the companies in which they invest to improve their sustainability practices, governance and contributions to society while reducing their impact on the environment.

  • Executive management

    Executive management

    The company’s leadership has been infused with exceptional talent from across the mining industry in the past year

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  • CEO’s review and outlook

    CEO’s review and outlook

    “It’s been a year of significant progress for us as we begin in earnest the strategic journey to regain the cost competitiveness which had been lost in recent years”

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  • Revitalising our culture, refreshing our values

    Revitalising our culture, refreshing our values

    Hand-in-hand with the implementation of our new operating model, we have conducted work to better understand and improve our organisational culture, and to update and refresh our corporate values.

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