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Value created, preserved, eroded

In line with our overall strategy to create long-term sustained value, we report on the value created, preserved or eroded for shareholders and other stakeholders. Despite challenges, our performance improved overall in 2022.

Gross dividend for year

~47 US cents

Balance sheet solid
– liquidity of


at year end

  • CFO’s report and outlook

    CFO’s report and outlook

    “2022 can be characterised by significant macro-economic volatility and inflationary pressure, stability in operational performance and a focus on aspects that we control”

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  • Financial review

    Financial review

    Improved operational and financial performance, despite challenges, contributed to a 42% increase in net cash inflow from operating activities and a solid balance sheet at end 2022 (liquidity of approximately $2.5bn in liquidity). This Financial review provides a summary of our statements of income, financial position and cash flows.

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  • Economic value-added statement

    Economic value-added statement

    For the 2022 financial year, total economic value generated rose by 9% to $4.76bn, of which $3.73bn or 78% was distributed among providers of capital, employees, governments, communities and suppliers. The balance of $1.03bn (22%) was retained.

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  • Value by stakeholder

    Value by stakeholder

    Stakeholder value can be created and measured in many forms and not only in financial terms. The stakeholder value we aim to create is allied to our commitment to making a meaningful contribution to the SDGs and an enduring, sustainable world.

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